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Third Sector Scholarship Fund

From the £150,000 scholarship funds for Lambeth, Southwark and Sutton; this includes scholarships for a unique course, MSc Global Community Entrepreneurship, designed by the College and to be validated by Birmingham City University in April 2012. Prospective students should complete the form and select from one of the 3 boroughs they live in. If you do not live in these boroughs you can complete the standard scholarship form.

To enrol on:

  • Postgraduate Diploma leading to MSc in Global Community Entrepreneurship

Maximum £2,000 (75 learners)
Minimum £1,000 (150 learners)

How to Apply

Students should submit their Scholarship Form at the same time as the Admission Application Form at least 4 weeks before the enrolment/induction date of each intake (i-e February, April, June, August ). If you are not able to submit the form at the same time, you may still be considered, however please check with the admission team before doing so.

Click here for the SOEL Admission Application Form
Click here for the Scholarship Application Form

How will Scholarship Forms be considered?

Steps for processing the Scholarship Application Form:

Step 1: Scholarship and Bursary Application received and processed.
Step 2: All applications considered by the Student Welfare and Scholarship Committees
Step 3: Decision declaration, and if the student is successful and Award Letter


Please click here to read and understand the main conditions before you apply