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Socially Responsible Graduates

SOEL students with lecturer Shakila Albert before a student trip to Coca Cola Enteprises. For more photos, please click here.

SOEL aspires to create graduates that are employable and socially responsible; two of the overarching aims contained in the School Graduate Statement of Attributes. This is an integral part to the School’s mission. This ethos is derived from our community roots and the impact that we, the School, have in our community. It comes from the notion that if the School staff are engaged in socially responsible work, then so should its students. The background of SOEL gives it a unique and competitive advantage compared to other private higher education institutions. Social responsibility is embedded into the curriculum. Read below to find out more about how we make our graduates socially responsible:

1. The Curriculum and Teaching

The learning and teaching methods used in current externally accredited courses run by the School, provide exposure to students on Social Responsibility in Business in a range of sectors that complement the School’s schools such as law, business, healthcare, management, etc. For example, specific case studies are used in lectures and seminars on companies such as Fair Trade Foundation, John Lewis, etc.

Teaching staff at the School are actively recruited from a background in academia as well as community development, social entrepreneurship, as practitioners and/or researchers.

The School has designed its own postgraduate qualification, which is the MSc in Global Community Entrepreneurship.

2. Social Responsibility Week

The Social Responsibility Week is designed for students who are involved in a series of activities on the topic of social responsibility. These activities include debates, workshops (issues such as government legislation on social responsibility) and guest lectures from high profile individuals. These are all designed to encourage students to become more socially responsible by providing insight and experience.

3. Guest lectures

In partnership with student societies, all year round, the School will have practitioners, entrepreneurs and company executives in the field of social responsibility, allowing students to gain an understanding in to real world practices and network with high profile individuals. Please click here to learn more.

4. Student volunteering

It is not surprising that with the School staff volunteering on community projects, all students including Student Ambassadors and Student Representatives, are given the opportunity to volunteer with local community organisations, including charities. Here students get to see first-hand issues affecting communities and societies.

5. Working with business

2017/18 will see an increased activity of the School working with small businesses and multi-national companies, giving us a greater understanding of a number cross-industry CSR strategies that can be used as case studies in lecturers and seminars. The aim is to showcase that businesses are, and can be, a force for good. If you are a company that would like to support us, please click here.