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Quality Assurance

Students are encouraged to take part in the quality assurance processes the School has in place. These can be strategic or operational activities that impact the School throughout the year. Some of the quality activities that student take part in are:

1. External Reviews
2. External Visits
3. Advisory Board Meetings
4. Academics Standards Board Meetings
5. Student Observations
8. Student Representatives
9. Student Support and Experience Committee
10. Student Staff Liaison Group
11. Student Extra Curricular Activities

One of the major quality activities for any higher education provider are the reviews carried out by the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). You can find our QAA reports going back to our first review in 2012 on the QAA website:
Our most recent visit was in February 2018 where approximately 10 students took part in the student meeting, including the Lead Student Representative from our 2017 Higher Education Review. Following the 2017 visit, we were asked to submit an action plan to follow up on. You can download that action plan here.