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Inspiring Socially Responsible Graduates.

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Current Students

SOEL aims to provide great support for our current students. We understand how difficult studies can be sometimes and we aim to make your learning and education as trouble-free as possible.

In this section, students can sign into their personal MySOEL. MySOEL is a unique virtual learning environment where students can access extra tutorials, do additional course reading and access key information regarding their course. Additionally, we frequently update MySOEL with personalised events and opportunities to further better your understanding of the course. We encourage you to participate in these events by contacting us by email to register your space.

MySOEL can be accessed from your computer at home, your laptop at the coffee shop or your smart device on the train! You can study in the most comfortable environment for you which allows you to perform at your very best.

To login to your MySOEL account, click the link below: