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Talent Recognition Award Ceremony, 2012

The second event of its kind, the Talent Recognition Award Ceremony, was held during the March Executive Lecture Series. Students who excel in their exams are put onto the high achievers list. As part of this list, they qualify to be part of the Talent Recognition Award Ceremony, where students are recognised for their efforts and grades in the exams by way of scholarships and bursaries. The students who qualified for the Talent Recognition Award Ceremony were awarded with scholarships and bursaries of 10% – 30% at an event held with New Buckinghamshire University.

We had the pleasure of holding TRAC 2012 during the Executive Lecture being given by Shahid Azeem, owner and managing director of Arcom IT. During his lecture, Shahid admitted that he had regretted one thing in life: the fact that he hadn’t completed any formal education. To this extent, he realised the benefit of having formal education and for this reason, recognising students who had achieved high grades in their exams, Shahid presented scholarships on behalf of Arcom IT in association with LCBMIT to our students as part of our Talent Recognition Award Ceremony (TRAC) 2012. A total of six students were awarded scholarships.