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MBA International Top Up with New Buckinghamshire New University

Are you concerned to make sure that your organisation can adapt and evolve to meet changing global contexts and threats? Are you keen to take full advantage of commercial opportunities that are opening up globally and at an accelerating pace? The International MBA will help you to achieve your ambitions. If you are already an experienced manager, but aspire to work in more senior positions, this course will enhance your understanding of global businesses, problem solving and creative thinking skills.

This course is only available to students who have completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Social Enterprise) until 2018. This programme will allow you to top-up your existing qualification to a full MBA International with Buckinghamshire New University who will award you with the final degree.

On successful completion of the MBA International, you will be able to use a range of quantitative and qualitative methods for providing information and evaluating options in an uncertain business environment.

You will be able to demonstrate an in-depth critical understanding of your chosen aspect of business or management, and will have built your problem solving and decision making techniques.

Your final project will take the form of a dissertation, and this flexibility will mean that you can tailor your learning to suit your needs.


You will have to complete the following:

  • Dissertation


This programme is delivered over one academic year via flexible and Distributed Learning. As well as the online delivery, you will be expected to carry out self-study, research and investigation.

How will I be taught and assessed?

You will be provided with a supervisor who will support you throughout the learning process. All versions of the programme have three assessment points. You will be asked to produce an Initial Proposal or Learning Plan, a Literature Review or Interim Report and a Dissertation or Final Report. These assessments provide you with feedback as you progress through the programme and help guide you towards completion.

What are the entry requirements?

Students will hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Social Enterprise). Students holding other qualifications may be considered for exemptions on the Postgraduate Diploma in Management (Social Enterprise) programme, but will need to complete a bridging assessment.
If your first language is not English or your language of instruction at undergraduate level was not English you will be required to demonstrate English proficiency at a score of IELTS level 6.5 or its equivalent.

Duration: 3 months

Awarded by: Buckinghamshire New University. Please click here for more information.

You can see our partnership with Buckinghamshire New University here.

Home and EU Students: Please refer to the Bucks New University website.
International Students: Please refer to the Bucks New University website.
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